European Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium Meetings

22 mai European Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium Meetings


Meeting in Bucharest, Romania

Thursday – Friday, April 27 – 28, 2017

Thursday, April 27: Carol Davila Univ of Medicine

Friday, April 28: Institutul National Victor Babes


12:00   LUNCH

13:00   Welcome and Introduction;  Bengt Winblad, Lutz Frölich & Luiza Spiru (local host)                                    

13:20   Updates EADC related projects (à 10 minutes)

  • EPAD, EMIF Pieter Jelle Visser
  • EADC-PET: The amyloid PET project                         Flavio Nobili
  • The Biomarker Roadmap Giovanni Frisoni
  • INTERREG Danube Shima Mehrabian

14:00   Symposium on Genetics & Epigenetics (pres à 20 min)

Moderator: Alfredo Ramirez

  • Genetics of AD                                    Jean-Charles Lambert
  • Epigenetics of AD Natalia Cucu
  • (Epi)genetics of prodromal AD;

update on EADB and EPI-AD                             Alfredo Ramirez

Discussion (30 min)

  • How could EADC increase its inputs on genetic analysis? Provide expertise for phenotype definition? How to go beyond current AD case-control setup?

15:30   COFFEE

16:00   Cont updates EADC related projects (à 10 minutes)

  • ADAPTED & Nested (GR@ACE) Agustín Ruíz
  • MOPEAD – synergies with other IMI projects Mercè Boada

16:20   Industry presentations (à 25 min + ev questions/discussion)

  • BACE-1 inhibitor study, phase II-III Johannes Streffer, Janssen
  • Generation program with BACE-I CNP520 in

APOE4 carriers at risk for AD                             Marie-Emmanuelle Rivière, Novartis       

17:15   Closing day 1

(EADC Executive Committee meeting 17:15 – 18:15)

19:00  DINNER; Restaurant Diplomat (

 Address: Soseaua Bucuresti-Ploiesti, Nr2B




09:00   New health economic model for AD                                     Roger Bullock

09:25   Alzheimer Europe – participation in EU projects                Jean Georges

09:50   Early/very early diagnosis of AD  – Moderator Frank Jessen

  • Evaluation of MRI in early dg of AD (15 min)             Eric Westman
  • Revision NIA-AA research criteria for AD (20 min) Frank Jessen


 – feedback from EADC to the working group

10:50   COFFEE break

11:20   Update member center: Imperial College, UK                    Lefkos Middleton

11:30   Result from “Survey on the interaction between sponsor, CRO and clinical researcher in Alzheimer clinical trials” (15 min)                                Lucrezia Hausner

Discussion, moderator Lutz Frölich                        

12:00   Bank account for EADC – Moderator Bengt Winblad

  • German alternative (5-10 min) Lutz Frölich
  • Dutch alternative (5-10 min)                                             Pieter Jelle Visser

Discussion (10-15 min)       

12:40   Next meetings, Summary & Closing                                      Lutz Frölich & Bengt Winblad

12:50   LUNCH


After lunch: Optional guided tour at the Institute