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Prof. Univ. Dr. Luiza Spiru – Președinte

Is the chair of the Geriatrics-Gerontology Department. in the “Carol Davila”University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Bucharest, the head of the Department of Geriatrics within “Elias” University Emergency Clinic Hospital and also the President of ANA. She holds 3 medical specialties: Geriatrics-Gerontology, Old Age Psychiatry and Internal Medicine, being also certified in the Management of Health Care Services.

She acted as Project Director for all ANA’s more than 20 EU projects and she also applied her extensive medical expertise, based on an integrated approach, for the purpose of accurately defining user needs and requirements and also covering effectively the delicate ethical aspects of personal data protection and privacy related to the development and testing of ICT solutions.

She developed an innovative method for the quantification and management of professional stress in active people, combining structured questionnaires, biological markers (salivary cortisol and urinary cathecolamines) and physiological measurements (HRV - Heart Rate Variability) in real-life setting.

She has authored 3 treatises on Geriatric medicine, 6 guides on the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, having over 150 published articles in international journals and books of proceedings – the most recent ones addressing the integration of innovative IT&C solutions for the senior patients. She has been appointed as EU Commission Expert as evaluator & rapporteur for the project applications under several EU calls; also has been selected to attend and contribute in every yearly JP-AAL workshops since 2014 onwards.

Mircea Mârzan, EMBA - Director General

Mirela Rădulescu - Director Relații Publice

Cosmina Paul - Șef proiect, Cercetător

Mihaela Marinescu – Medic Geriatru, Geronto-cardiolog, cercetare clinică; Șef proiect

Andrei Voicu – absolvent UMF ‘Carol Davila’, Cercetător, Asistent Șef proiect

Ioana Șomcutean – Responsabil financiar

Magdalena Velciu – Cercetător, Șef proiect

Veronica Badea – Asistent Șef proiect

Ioana Alexandru Șerban – Consilier Juridic