Medical services

Standard geriatric assessment (SGA)

SGA is an interdisciplinary approach that includes medical and psychosocial evaluation of the patient in order to make an accurate diagnosis, and to identify appropriate prevention treatment and rehabilitation strategies. Such an approach has two major benefits: increasing life expectancy and decreasing healthcare costs.


    1. First consultation – initial assessment of memory disorders
    2. Re-Assessment of memory disorders
    3. Geriatric and gerontology expert consult
    4. Geriatric and gerontology re-evaluation – expert consult
    5. Geriatric and old age psychiatric expert consult
    6. Geriatric and old age psychiatry re-evaluation – expert consult
    7. Internal medicine
    8. Preventive, predictive, personalized longevity medicine – first expert consult
    9. Preventive, predictive, personalized longevity medicine reevaluation
    10. Daycare
    11. Counselling for patients and their families
    12. Rehabilitation
    13. Authorized training for home care personnel
    14. Specialized multidisciplinary medical services for home use – medic, nurse, psychologist, kinesiotherapist, carer
    15. Subscription for consults, blood tests, home care, etc.
    16. Para-clinical and laboratory investigations
    17. Administration of specific treatment.