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Our Philosophy


The core of the values AAIF holds by is the care for human being. These values are the baseline of every action undertaken by our foundation, and at the same time they are the first we wish to inoculate to our employees, collaborators and partners.


Having our sight set to the future allows us a prospective analysis of every step taken in the development and progress of our Organization, without ever forgetting our main purpose, the individual!


We assume the role of leader and standard setters, while not forgetting the mutual respect we have for every relationship between patient, collaborator and member of the team.


Our methods are personalized and adapted to face new challenges. Because only if we take into consideration individuality, can we build a system that is constantly ready to adopt bold, unique and original solutions.


The dedication to our organizations’ values and the passion for what we do, allow us to transfer our knowledge and experience to the development of cutting-edge medical services in cerebral ageing.

Excellence in everything we do!

Our Mission is to integrate scientific progress into the original concept of “3P Medicine”, thus offering patients, medical and scientific bodies, instruments with which to make out of the Medicine of Ageing, the Medicine of Longevity.

Our Vision refers to our aspirations to be leaders in the transfer of scientific conquests into the art of Ageing Well.