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Support for carers

Family members or carers of patients affected by neurodegenerative diseases may participate in informational, educational and counselling programs, organized within AAIF by the Center for Diagnostic and Treatment for Memory Disorders, Rehabilitation and Recuperation.

Patients carers may often confront physical, psychosocial or financial problems. As the disease progresses, carers grow more and more indispensable to the patient so they also require increased support in order to cope with care burdens. Therefore we advise carers to attend courses which provide information on care associated stress and how to manage it, and to seek specialized counselling and support.

Our programs and courses aim to improve carers’ quality of life by:

  • educating them on how to manage critical situations and how to manage their own negative emotions
  • facilitating contact and interaction between carers and developing a support network.

A holistic therapeutic approach that combines pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions is most appropriate for patients with neurodegenerative disorders and their carers.

Our specialists can support carers by developing customized counselling plans.